MKE Healing Arts

with Mouse Savaiano, LMT, RMT

I am here to help ​people live a more ​productive and ​fulfilling life. Free ​from pain and ​energetic limitations.

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All are welcome

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Shamanic healing is working with the Helping Spirits and Power Animals to empower, clear and otherwise reconnect you with the energies that are supporting you along your healing journey. I teach others how to do Shamanic Journey. Additionally I can perform ritual on your behalf for your healing.

I host a monthly free zoom circle. More information is posted below.

Reiki helps to restore balance in your body, mind and spirit. This Japanese Energy Modality has a soft touch, or no touch at all, as you rest quietly and allow the energy to flow to you and through you. Helping you to feel lighter, calmer, more at peace in your center. Here I also access my Reiki Guides to bring you messages for your well-being. See below for the

Reiki Class Schedule.

The intuitive massage you receive is specific to your needs and desired outcome. Every body is different, and I will treat you as such. Meeting you where you are and setting obtainable goals for your physical health and wellbeing. I pull from a series of trainings and knowledge from Thai Massage, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral, Sports, etc.

Healing in all dementions

With 20 years experience in the healing arts, Mouse Savaiano brings an unique understanding and vision to each healing session. Utilizing his knowledge of Reiki, Massage Therapy and Shamanic studies you are sure to feel seen, heard and well taken care of.

Over the years Mouse has been able to hone in on his natural abilities to hear spirit, see visions and work with the unseen realms. Giving clients a glimpse into what their life path is or perhaps what is keeping them from being their most authentic self.

If you are interested in learning more schedule a phone call to gain clarity on the offerings available to you.

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Massage Therapy

Neck Sports Massage Therapy
Legs Sports Massage Physical Therapy
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I graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy and have ​been a Licensed Massage Therapist for fifteen years. I furthered ​my education to become certified in Thai Bodywork, CranioSacral, ​Myofascial Release, Pre-Natal Massage, and Sports Massage. And ​every two years massage therapists need to have continuing ​education to maintain their license. I have thousands of hours of ​hands-on and education. Additionally I have experience working in ​a Chiropractors office as well as a high end Northshore spa. In ​2014 I opened a successful business of my own in Evanston, IL . ​Where I employed other therapists, acupuncturist, etc. as well as ​held community courses. Since moving to Milwaukee in 2022 I have ​found my tribe. I’ve worked in a Shorewood Chiropractic office ​and PT office as well as Aurora Health Care Cancer Clinic.

And now I have a shared healing studio in Whitefish Bay.

Because of the intuitive nature of my other modalities, my ​massage therapy is like none other. You can read the reviews ​from over the years here.

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What my Clients Say

Mouse is an amazing healer! He helped me recover after some trauma with his amazing Shamanic ways! I am grateful to feel more alive and steadier in my energy and on my path! Thank you, Mouse!

Cassie Knowles

Mouse is an amazing and dedicated healer. I went for a session; Mouse explained the process and with serious effort and devotion he helped me through a spiritual blockage that was manifesting in my physical body. I am so grateful for this amazing healing.


Mouse will completely restore your body and spirit. There is a reason this is called massage therapy. This is a healing art, and Mouse is a master.

dolores a.

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Usui Reiki

Reiki translates to Universal Life Force Energy. It is an antient Tibetan practice rediscovered by man named Mikao Usui from Japan in 1922. The practice of Reiki is world wide and since 1922 there have been other forms of Reiki developed, all are valid and all hold the same fundamental truth of "do no harm".

When in a reiki session we set an intention for your higher good. Perhaps there is something you are struggling with in your life or are feeling blocked in moving forward. Reiki can help you relax, gain clarity, feel lighter and less burdened with the day-to-day of life. Most client report feeling centered, grounded and refreshed after a session.

What happens in a session? With clothes on the client lies on a table, or sits in a chair, to receive Reiki. Some of the session the practitioner may place their hands gently on the client other time the hands may hover a few inches above the client. Not all clients "feel" something happening during the session yet the Reiki is doing its job and going where it is needed most at the time of the session.

The practitioner is simply the vessel for the Reiki to flow through.

Reiki has been one of the corner stones of my healing practice from the beginning. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and hold classes throughout the year.

​If you have always been curious but not sure, come and visit me for a session. You will see what the hype is about! :)

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Shamanic Journey

The word "Shaman" comes from a Siberian word "Saman".

The word itself translates to "one who looks in the dark.:" We use the word Shaman to describe those who are able to see into the spirit realms for healing and information. Anthropologists have found that there have been these types of healers, the Shamans, throughout every continent for thousands of years.

Although some cultures call the act of entering the spirit realms by other names such as "the dream time" by Australian Aboriginals, or "other realms" in the Keltic traditions. Either way they are all entering an altered state of consciousness to connect with helping spirits and power animals. Using words to describe what actually happens is very limiting.

It is true that some traditions use plant medicines as well as the sonic beat of a drum and/or rattle, accompanied with dancing and singing to reach these other realms. In my practice I use the drum, rattle, dancing and singing to enter the lucid dreaming state to access my helping spirits and power animals.

Post Vision Quest October 2022

This practice can be taught to anyone for their own direct revelation and communion with their helping spirits. Doing the practice of talking to your own helping spirits does not "make you a Shaman". For one to "become" a Shaman takes many years, much training and initiations into the work and the worlds of the unseen realms. It is not for the faint of heart and can be a very lonely path. And I have chosen to make this path my life's work. I have been practicing Shamanic Healing work for 20 years.

In a shamanic healing session, the practitioner goes into the altered state of consciousness as the client lays down to receive the healing. The practitioner may dance, sing, chant and play drums or rattles to enter the altered state. Once there the helping spirits guide the practitioner in the healing techniques that will be necessary for the clients higher good. Knowing that first and foremost, as with all healing modalities the golden rule is to "do no harm".

These sessions can include a soul retrieval, clearing of energy / empowering with energy, answering questions the client has about their life and more. The sessions can include one or more of these and anything else that the helping spirits deem necessary at the time of the session.

The time together can be from 60 to 90 minutes. $145 for the single session.

Because of the intensity of such a session I have created a package that allows for easier integration and follow up sessions. ​I have created a "Welcome Home" session.

This is a very special session that has been created with your higher good in mind.

Most Shamanic sessions can be a bit overwhelming for people and integration takes time and care. The Welcome Home Session consists of three separate sessions to be completed within 4 weeks time.

The first session included: Shamanic extractions and awakening your power in the sixty minutes we are together.

The second session is a Shamanic soul retrieval; where soul parts that have been lost due to trauma are reunited with you in this present moment.

And finally the third session is a Reiki session. Bringing balance and harmony to your whole being. ​Each session as a stand alone would be over $300.

This package is only $270 for all three sessions.

If you have any questions, or can't find a time and date that work for you please call or text me; 312-799-9414

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events * classes * videos

In person Shamanic Journey Circle

Sunday, August 4, from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

155 E Silver Spring Dr., Whitefish Bay

suite 211 (2nd floor)



Children 12 and up with and adult are welcome to participate.

Meet in circle to practice dreaming with your helping spirits and power animals.

There are yoga mats and drums to use also, but bring what you like to be ​comfortable, like an eye covering and your journal.

Black raven watercolor illustration

Venmo Donation

PayPal Donation

Shamanic ZOOM Journey Circle

Second Monday of the Month

MONDAY, JULY 8, 2024

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm central

Registration is required to receive the Zoom link.

$10 donation payable via Venmo or Paypal

Circles are held the 2nd MONDAY of the month.

Mark your calander :)

shaman frame drum

The Art of Shamanic Journeying

Class already underway.

The next class will be in the Fall 2024

Check back for details and join the

e-mail list.

This class will only be offered 2 times a year, a minimum of 4 ​students is required to hold the class.

Non-refundable Tuition will be $135 for the 6 week course.

Please make sure you can attend all dates once posted.

There are payment options available if needed.

Reiki Level II Class

Sunday, July 28, 2024

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Level 2 Reiki you will learn Reiki symbols, long ​distance Reiki, hand placement, reading energy ​and the ability to work on the public with ​confidence.

You will be attuned to Reiki II, practice with ​classmates and past students of mine. As well ​as practice feeling energies and using the ​symbols.

This ia IN PERSON class and minimum of 2 ​Students are required to move forward with the ​class. $165 Tuition

Cutting Cord Video

15 minute guided meditation

Click here for video


Cutting Cord Audio

7 minute guided meditation

Click here for audio

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Tarot Reading

Follow me on my YouTube Tarot Reading Journey!

I began to post weekly readings for each zodiac ​sign on April 1, 2024. Come by and visit me on ​YouTube. If you like what you hear please ​subscribe and help my channel grow! :)

I also offer private readings;

30 minute readings for $45 done over Zoom and ​the session can be recorded. We dive deep into ​three burning questions you might have about life, ​love, career, health and money, for example.

To get a reading simply complete the Contact Form ​and we can find a day and time that works for us.

I have so much fun doing this!



155-159 E Silver Spring Dr.

Whitefish Bay, WI 53217

MKE Healing Arts

My Community Connections.

Tell them, “Mouse sent me.”


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Astrology Reading

Women’s Health




Dec 8. 2011

Great technique and a strongly intuitive massage. My body felt and actually was better after the massage. Really effective work on my muscles. I look forward to more massages from Mouse!!


Nov 17, 2011

The massage Mouse gives is tremendous. I have had many massages in my life however this one was transformational.

Maria Sabatini

Oct 26, 2011

Mouse is a wonderful healer and we incorporated both massage and energy work in my session. Mouse intuited a message from my childhood that I forgotten and that was the big clue to overcoming a long bad habit and changing my self-care routine.

Eugenia Elliott

Feb 16, 2013

Had an amazing massage with Mouse who diagnosed my iliacus muscle issue, treated it and I could actually have a full night’s sleep that night without its throbbing waking me up at night! Thank you!

Ann Scholhamer

Feb 17, 2013

Mouse has helped me regularly with various ailments related to a boating accident and the rehab since. Mouse’s knowledge of the body, muscles, tissues, and movements coupled with their ability to feel and “read” every fiber, along with their amazing intuition, allow their hands to bring relief and long term healing.

Nancy Hirsch

Sept 3, 2013

I had only had a massage a couple of times in my life and was given a gift to have a massage with Mouse. I must say after this experience I have now become a fan. During the massage I felt like I went to heaven and back. Mouse has amazing intuition as to where the problem places are hiding and it feels like their hands are that of a magician. I highly recommend Mouse and know I will be returning. Thanks!!!


Feb 9, 2014

I recently had a reiki/healing session with Mouse, and it was phenomenal. I didn’t quite know what to expect, but his mix of massage, reiki, intuition, and genuine concern for my well being were comforting, relaxing, and gave me a lot to think about. I would recommend Mouse highly!


July 13, 2014

Mouse is the best combination of information and unpretentious, and a true spiritual healer. They naturally combined accessing the ancestors, spirit animals, channeling, and massage into a healing session that left me feeling both grounded and optimistic about healing. Bless you and your hands and your heart and your vision, and may you reach many more souls in need of your healing gifts.

Denise M

July 21, 2014

I don’t even know where to start, but I am sure I received a transformational healing. That weekend, a door closed to make way for a new one to open. The experience was both comforting and powerful. Thank you!

Susie Lee Jobe

May 7, 2015

Thank you Mouse for the tranquil Reiki session. I felt balanced, and at peace leaving the space. I have been able to focus more at ease. My mind was a bit cloudy beforehand. Looking forward to my next session.


Jun 19, 2015

Mouse is fabulous. From the start, he is completely present and attuned to my needs. Mouse is welcoming and warm and cares deeply about his work and clients. Mouse’s massages are wonderful – I only wish I could stay on the table longer and go back every couple of days. I highly recommend Mouse.

Vernice Thorn

July 9, 2015

My time with Mouse was a wonderful Experience. Mouse was kind and took time to explain what he were doing, inquiring without being intrusive, I am very pleased and plan to continue with Mouse on a regular basis. When I left, I felt cared for and the pain in my back was reduced. I went for a massage, yet the body work Mouse does is much more than that. So appreciate his wholistic approach.


Aug 3, 2015

I have had a lot of bodywork done over the years and experienced a full gamut of modalities and level of effectiveness. Mouse is up at the top of that list. Mouse did a great job of finding my trouble spots without having to say too much and then applying the appropriate amount of attention, which for me, is hallmark of a good massage therapist. I’ll be back!

Kara Hetz

May 21, 2016

Wonderful massage! Mouse worked deep into areas that needed releasing, even areas I was unaware of. Totally relaxing and energizing at the same time. Slept like a rock last night!

Mindy M.

Aug 15, 2016

Another great massage from Mouse! Had a recent hip replacement and my body was doing lot of compensating. Mouse was sensitive to this and knew exactly what needed attention to get back on track. I am so grateful for the increased mobility and the decreased pain! Thanks Mouse!

Wendy R

Aug 25, 2016

Mouse is very gifted as an intuitive and a healer – if you are looking to grow in any area of your life, whether it be spiritually, emotionally, physically or psychologically – you can trust Mouse intuitively guidance and healing.

Emily Fry

Sep 29, 2016

You get so much more here than just a massage. There is healing, intuitive work, and a deep sense that Mouse cares about what’s really going on with you, and therefore, your body. I feel absolutely safe, heard and seen when I am with Mouse. Thank you for the healing session!

Ruth G

May 29, 2017

I have gone for many different massages but stopping going anywhere else once a friend led me to Mouse. They can find areas of tension that you did not even know were there and with their soothing hands pain simply leaves the body. Being a competitive cyclist and a teacher recover and resetting is key to my mental health. I count on Mouse to get me there!

John P

Sept 19, 2017

I had a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders for almost a week. In 50 minutes, Mouse had me good to go, with almost no pain. I would highly recommend Mouse for anyone with a lot of pain for a very professional and therapeutic healing session. Mouse is now my go to person for all my pain issues.

David Hodgman

Feb 21, 2018

After 10 days of debilitating back pain (couldn’t walk except with extreme difficulty) I went to Mouse. By the next day I experienced remarkable relief. I’m a believer!


Dec 30, 2018

Mouse is an amazing and dedicated healer. I went for a session; Mouse explained the process and with serious effort and devotion he helped me through a spiritual blockage that was manifesting in my physical body. I am so grateful for this amazing healing.

Lynn B

Jan 9, 2019

Mouse is a genius with the body. They have amazing intuition and follow it in the treatment of you. They have a great understanding of how one area of the body relates to another and is great at working through the web of pain and discomfort a client brings to the table.

Dolores A

Feb 5, 2019

Mouse will completely restore your body and spirit. There is a reason this is called massage therapy. This is a healing art, and Mouse is a master.

Casie Knowles

June 14, 2019

Mouse is an amazing healer! He helped me recover after some trauma with their amazing Shamanic ways! I am grateful to feel more alive and steadier in my energy and on my path! Thank you, Mouse!


Nov 13, 2019

I have back problems and every time I’ve had a “flare up” Mouse has done magic for me. Mouse knows what they’re doing! Whether you just want to relax or need some serious body work, Mouse is the best!

Josefien S

Feb 13, 2020

Fantastic Massage. Mouse Savaiano knows what they are doing. They are strong, competent, and intuitive. Highly recommended!

Adina Lapadat

Feb 4, 2020

I have been treated by Mouse a couple of times and they are by far the BEST therapist ever. My Reiki session was definitely out of this world. Their magic hands and energy continue to heal me long after the session is over. Mouse is the real deal.

Lita P

Mar 11, 2020

Mouse is truly a gifted healer and massage therapist. They have helped me with everything from headaches to neck and shoulder pain to sciatica. Mouse has the unique ability of being able to get to the root of the issues, coax it out and relieve the pain and discomfort I walked in with. I only go to Mouse for body, mind & spirit work.

Jill K

Jan 14, 2021

Mouse is a wonderful intuitive healer and massage therapist. They know exactly where the tight spots are and uses the perfect pressure to release it. I always leave the massage lighter, balanced and feeling optimistic about life again. Indeed, I will be back!