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RMT, LMT, Shamanic Practitioner

it's time to Take your healing in a new direction

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We make sure your specific health needs are addressed

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Healing in all dementions

With over 20 years experience in the healing arts, Mouse brings an unique understanding and vision to each healing session. Utilizing their knowledge of Reiki, Massage Therapy and Shamanic studies you are sure to feel seen, heard and well taken care of.

Over the years Mouse has been able to hone in on their natural abilities to hear spirit, see visions and work with the unseen realms. Giving clients a glimpse into what their life path is or perhaps what is keeping them from being their most authentic self.

If you are interested in learning more schedule a phone call to gain clarity on the offerings available to you.

Shamanic healing

Shamanic healing is working with the Helping Spirits and Power Animals to empower, clear and otherwise reconnect you with the energies that are supporting you along your healing journey.

We can teach you how to do a Shamanic Journey. We can perform ritual on your behalf for your healing.

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Reiki helps to restore balance in your body, mind and spirit. This Japanese Energy Modality has a soft touch, or no touch at all, as you rest quietly and allow the energy to flow to you and through you. Helping you to feel lighter, calmer, more at peace in your center.

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Massage Therapy

The intuitive massage you receive is specific to your needs and desired outcome. Every body is different, and we treat you as such. Meeting you where you are and setting obtainable goals for your physical health and wellbeing.

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What We Do

Shamanic session

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Massage / Reiki

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  • Soul Retrieval
  • Extraction of negative energy
  • Giving of Power
  • Power Animal retrieval
  • Welcome Home Package
  • 8 week training course
  • Community Journey Circles
  • Reiki Session
  • Massage Therapy
  • CranioSacral Therapy
  • Myofascial Release
  • Reiki Classes
  • Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring

What Our Clients Say

Mouse is an amazing healer! They helped me recover after some trauma with their amazing Shamanic ways! I am grateful to feel more alive and steadier in my energy and on my path! Thank you, Mouse!

Cassie Knowles

Mouse is an amazing and dedicated healer. I went for a session; Mouse explained the process and with serious effort and devotion they helped me through a spiritual blockage that was manifesting in my physical body. I am so grateful for this amazing healing.


Mouse will completely restore your body and spirit. There is a reason this is called massage therapy. This is a healing art, and Mouse is a master.

dolores a.

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Shaman healing

& Classes

For Shamanic Healing Sessions, Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring and all classes or events



for more information and to book your

one-on-one session.

Massage & Reiki

For all Massage and Reiki sessions I work out of Cream City PT & Wellness group. Located at

4433 N. Oakland Shorewood, Wi

Follow this link to book your massage or reiki session.